Mission Briefing

Now it's time to choose a side and join the fight! Two teams will face off in a variety of arenas, from tight underground tunnels to the vast expanses of space. As each battle begins, both teams start with an equal number of points. Your job is to build up your team's points and deplete the enemy team's points. Points are earned by holding onto bases. Points are lost when ships are destroyed. When a team runs out of points, the game ends in a loss for that team. If time runs out before a team runs out of points, the team with the most points remaining wins. With that in mind, here are your objectives:

First Objective: Capture And Hold Bases

It is imperative to hold onto bases, because your team earns points over time for each base it controls. Holding bases is also strategically important, because bases provide re-arming and/or repair services to the team controlling them, as well as providing a position from which teammates can join or rejoin the battle. Bases are controlled by presence. To capture an enemy base, you must occupy the space around the designated base waypoint. Upon entering the waypoint space, a countdown timer will appear on your HUD. This timer will only count down as long as you remain within that space. Once the timer reaches zero, that base will be designated as unowned. Repair and re-arm stations at an unowned base will serve either team, but neither team's players may enter the battle at an unowned base, and neither team will earn points for that base. At this time, a new countdown timer will begin. To complete the capture, your team must exclusively occupy the waypoint space until the timer reaches zero, at which point the base is designated as belonging to your team. Your team now has exclusive repair and re-arm privileges, and may (re)enter the battle at that position. You must remain vigilant however, as the enemy may retake the base by the same means.

Second Objective: Kill The Enemy

The battle is not won until your enemy is defeated. Holding bases earns you points, but killing the enemy is the only way to take points from them. One points is deducted from a team's score for each ship destroyed. To ensure victory, you must destroy as many enemy ships as possible, while minimizing casualties on your team.

Rogue Players

In war there are always some whose allegiance is unclear, if they have any at all. In battle you may sometimes encounter players who wear no team colors. These players cannot be trusted. They may take your bases, rendering them unowned. They may attack and kill your teammates, losing your team valuable points. They are a threat. If you see such players, you are authorized to neutralize them at your discretion.

To War!

You have your orders. Get in there and make your team proud! Remember what you've learned, try to stay cool, keep your wits about you, and have fun!